About Clerét

About Clerét

Just The Facts, Please! .... A Testimonial From Al Hansen, Creator of Clerét

"It all started in 1986 when I let this big burly contractor talk me into putting clear glass shower doors in my brand new bath - BIG MISTAKE!

After bathing, there were all these unsightly water spots, puddles everywhere and then it started to mildew and turn green and stink. My bath looked horrible....it looked dirty all the time. I simply did not know what to do.

ugly squeegee window squeegee Then one day it hit me....a squeegee....in the shower. A couple of quick swipes right after bathing and it was bye, bye ugly water spots and all that other grunge. But unfortunately, it was also hello UGLY squeegee in my dazzling new bath. The contraption gave my bath kind of that neo-janitorial look, I suppose.

I got to thinking....hey, what's a guy like me doing with an ugly squeegee in my bath. I'm a little more hip and stylish that that. Why don't they make something that looks better? Well the cruel reality was that they didn't. I looked everywhere...nothing! Then it dawned on me, why not go to some trendy product designer and have them design something....you know, cool looking, ergonomical and stuff.

bath squeegee shower squeegeeWell, the result of my work was the amazing, award winning Clerét squeegee which was selected as the best designed new Consumer Product by the Industrial Designers Society of America. Also, the next time you are at The Smithsonian, check it out, it's displayed in the Permanent Design Collection.... WOW!  No other squeegee in the universe has been so honored.

In the beginning, we made just fancy bath squeegees, but now we make squeegees for use on windows, mirrors, cars, boats, kitchen counters, horses...yes horses and would you believe, armadillos, just kidding.

Well, there you have it, the Clerét story. I still can't believe I left that cushy corporate job to make squeegees. It's been worth it, however! You know why? I get to read all those nice letters and e-mails from folks around the world who have discovered just how much fun squeeging can be....with a Clerét squeegee that is!"

Awards and Notable Quotes

  • Selected for inclusion in the Smithsonian’s Permanent Design Collection
  • Chosen "Consumer Product Of The Year" by the Industrial Designers Society of America
  • Called by The New York Times, "A squeegee with class ... a piece of functional art"
  • Cited by Business Week magazine .... one of the year's best new products
  • A squeegee for those who "don’t do windows." The Wall Street Journal

Why Is Squeegeeing The Bath So Important?

The bath/shower is one of the least sanitary areas in the home. Using a squeegee to wipe away bath water immediately after bathing helps reduce the accumulation of bacteria laden residue and also will also help prevent unsightly water spots from forming.

Why Do You Need A Good Window Squeegee?

It’s late in the afternoon. You are hustling around your home getting it ready for guests coming to dinner. You glance at your glass patio door and notice it is covered with your three year olds finger prints and the dog’s nose painting artwork. Your frustrated with that blue cleaning stuff because it always seems to leave annoying highly visible smudges and streaks. What to do? Buy a Clerét iDO Windows squeegee and scrubber.

Professional windows washers use squeegees instead of that highly promoted pretty blue solution because they do a much better job, get the task done faster and, are less costly. Need any more reasons to buy a Clerét?

Car Washing Facts

Ever wonder what causes those annoying swirls that you see on your freshly washed dark colored vehicle? As a vehicle gets dirty, very small particles of dirt, road grim, etc. collect on the vehicles paint. Hard hand washing with a towel or chamois using a circular motion will grind these particles into the paint of a vehicle causing the spider web like scratches. Excessive hard hand drying with a towel or chamois can also cause scratches. A squeegee with soft wiping blades used to remove water from a freshly washed vehicle will not harm or scratch paint.

Did You Know?

The squeegee is perhaps the most under appreciated tool on earth. That’s because most squeegees are very industrial looking which reminds people of work. Plus, who wants to use something that looks so janitorial. So, we have tried to add an element of fun by eliminating the stark industrial look so common with most squeegees. Hopefully, you will find that by using one of our squeegees the mundane task of cleaning windows is a little less arduous.