Squeegee Replacement Heads and More

At Clerét, squeegees, including squeegee replacement heads, are our core business and always will be. We have been asked why we haven't expanded into other areas. The main reason we do not is that we are under no pressure. Read on....

Ever wonder how come those big houseware companies can't make a decent squeegee. The truth is most large companies are under incredible pressure to generate more sales and profit to appease their stockholders. As a result, they often expand their product lines into areas beyond their expertise.

A prime example of this is the common squeegee....because it seems so simple to produce. However, one look at what big companies offer and it is clear that they have not taken the time to determine what consumers really want. In addition, give one a "test drive" and it becomes painfully obvious they have not done the research to determine what makes a good performing squeegee.

We thoroughly understand that from a consumers standpoint there is nothing more more frustrating than purchasing a product that does not perform up to expectations. At Clerét squeegees and scrapers are our only business. And, since we are a small private company we can concentrate on producing nothing but the best in design and performance.