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What Makes Clerét Squeegees So Special?

Simply... Design, Function, Quality & made in USA.

Design.  The common squeegee is one of the most maligned tools on earth despite it's incredible usefulness. That's because most squeegees look like… well, something only a janitor would use. It’s not hard to see why the ugly, industrial looking squeegee has become the brunt of jokes and symbol of industrial ugliness and unpleasant work tasks.  No more!  With a emphasis on contemporary design, Clerét is changing how people view and use squeegees.

Function.  Unlike other companies that produce squeegees only to round out a product line, at Clerét Squeegees are our only business. Therefore, due care is taken to ensure that all of our squeegees provide outstanding performance. In addition, most are ergonomically designed to fit the hand better thus reducing strain on the wrist.

Quality.  Only the finest materials are used in all of our squeegees.

USA.  All Clerét squeegees are manufactured in the United States.

And last but not least, the media and various prestigious design organizations kind of think Clerét is special too. Check out the Awards section.

Dual Wiping Blades vs. Single Wiping Blade

It's a fact, two blades are better than one! That's why ALL Clerét shower squeegees have two super soft wiping edges to help clean water from contoured, irregular, curved and flat surfaces. Most single bladed squeegees are only effective on smooth glass.

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